Comprehensible Online 2018 Takeaways

This is an amazing post with some great ideas and lesson tidbits thrown in. Definitely give it a read if you are needing some new ideas!

Magister P.

In its debut year, Comprehensible Online offered a different kind of PD, allowing participants to watch as many presentations over three weeks as they could from their computers and phones. #pdinpajamas was trending for many teachers sneaking in loads of PD from the comfort of their own home. In fact, I was able to watch most videos during my part-time job (shhh)!

Like other conference takeaways, I’ll consult this post over the years, and the info will be here to share with all. I have a code system to help me spot new things to try, and others to update. High-leverage strategies I consider “non-negotiable” for my own teaching are “NN.” Strategies to update or re-implement are “Update!,” and those I’d like to try for the first time are “New!” I encourage you to give them all a try. Here are the takeaways from…

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Dicteé in an ASL Classroom

This week, I did my second Dicteé of the year, and I'm seeing GREAT things happen here. I first read about how to do a Dicteé in A Natural Approach to the Year, which I purchased for myself for Christmas. (If you don't own ANATTY, I highly recommend it, but you can also read about Dicteé... Continue Reading →

Food Week!

I don't know about you guys, but my ASL students have been asking since literally the second week of school if we were going to have a "Food Day" this year. "All the other classes get Food Day!" they say. "All the other classes are eating cultural food," I tell them. "A Deaf person's culture is still American. It would be the same food you eat everyday." "SO?!"

Brain Breaks

On days when I have a lot of input in my classroom, I break the schedule into two 20-minute chunks with five minutes of English before we start learning, and a five-minute Brain Break right there in the middle. Since I started Brain Breaks, I have noticed a SHARP increase in the ability of my students to pay attention to my input, and they're also having a lot more fun. They think we're playing games, when actually, I'm just trying to keep them awake!

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